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The History of our National Forests


According to Wikipedia, the United States has 154 protected areas consider to be National Forests.  These National Forests cover approximately 188,391,233 acres.  Our National Forests are managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

The United States has at least one National Forest is all but ten states. Not surprising, Alaska has the most national forest land, nearly 22 million acres.

Each of the National Forests are unique in some way and has amazing beauty.  One thing that we must understand is that we need to make sure we keep our National Forests clean.  Far too often you go to a National Forest and you will see a plastic bottle, glass jar of Naturaful or a plastic wrapper on the ground.  This has got to stop.  We have to make sure that these forests stay beautiful for many years to come.  It is up to us to keep these lands clean for the many generations yet to come.

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