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What to Bring on a Dayhike to a National Forest


If you are planning a dayhike to a National Forest, what essentials should you bring

along with you for the day?

Here are some of the basics:

1. Daypack- chose a well fitting bag that has enough room for your gear but isn’t

too big and heavy. You want lots of adjustable straps and places to hook extra

gear like coats and water bottles.

2. Hiking boots or shoes- make sure they fit you properly and if its your first trip

out don’t make it a long day, you need time to break them in. Plenty of hikes

have been ruined by blisters and sore feet so take the time to choose the right

foot wear. Its not a bad idea to bring along a few blister bandages or extra

socks in case you do start having some foot issues.

3. Wear layers- its hard to predict the weather and you want to be able to adjust

your clothing up and down as you get hotter or cooler. T-shirts under fleece

jackets and a separate wind breaker over top are a great way to keep you at

the right temperature. Temperature can change at different elevations or as

you are exerting yourself more. Being prepared to be colder than you expect

can prevent an uncomfortable trip.

4. Food- meal replacement bars, trail mix, fruit and protein drinks like Myotein

protein powder are light weight and will give you the essential nutrients, as

well as the protein your system is going to need, in order to get you through a

lengthy and tough hike. Protein is essential to keep your system operating as it

should; especially when you are going to be burning plenty of calories and are

going to be out in tough conditions and extreme temperatures for the day.

5. Water- bring more than you think you will need. Even though water is

probably the heaviest item you will need to pack, its really essential. A camel

pack is a good way to distribute the weight and make it more portable. You

might also consider bringing along a portable water filter in case of


Enjoy your day hike in the national forest, it’s a really rewarding way to spend a day,

get back to nature and get some fresh air!