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The Top 3 Extreme Sports To Do in National Forests


Just because you’re outdoors in one of our beautiful country’s amazing National Forests where time seems to slow and the serenity takes every worry you once felt before, doesn’t mean that you can’t also have a little heart pounding fun as well.


Since man has roamed this earth we have seen our forests as a place to escape the norm and experience another side of what life has to offer.


Ultimately the list of so called “extreme sports” can be endless as it’s ever expanding with new sports being created and old sports being reimagined each day. Most of which offer a far better experience when done in the wilderness amonghts our forests.


Here though, are the top 3 extreme sports or activities to do in our national forests:


#1 Rock Climbing

Since the late 1880’s rock climbing has officially been considered a sport in England after  Walter Parry Haskett Smith climbed solo up  the Great Gable in England. As it was well publicised it attracted a number of participants to the challenge.


Since then the sport now attracts thousands of people around the world to endlessly find more challenging places to test their skill. Some of the best places may be found in our national forests.


In particular, taller people often have an added advantage in rock climbing as they have an extended reach over those who aren’t as tall.

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#2 Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain bike riding is most often done on rough and steep downhill descents that may be found in our national forests. From Australia to Venezuela this extreme sport has been growing steadily since it’s conception in the mid-1970’s.


#3 Off Road 4×4

Depending on the state laws of which the national forest is in, you may be able to go 4×4 driving on approved tracks. Off road 4×4 driving is a great way to have a heart racing adventure with the whole family as it allows passengers the same thrill.


Whatever extreme activities you take part in in our national forests, always be sure to take the correct supplies with you in case of emergency. Also always remember to tell a friend or family member where you’re going before you leave. Safety first people!


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