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Physical Problems that can Arise When Hiking in our National Forests


While hiking in our National Forests can be quite exhilarating, there are a number of physical issues that can occur.  Let’s go over some of these unfortunate occurrences.



 Having a well-fitting, comfortable shoe is very important when embarking on a day of hiking.  If your shoes do not fit, then you can develop swelling and potentially blisters on your feet.  You always must remember that for every minute you spend on the trail going up the mountain, you will have an equal amount of time going down.  If you develop a blister on the way up, the return can be disastrous.  In addition to a good shoe, make sure you are wearing a thick sock.  A thick sock can help prevent the development of blisters as well.



If you are already prone to having hemorrhoid problems, then hiking for long distances can irritate that problem.  The constant movement and irritation can become quite bothersome and may even make completing your hike unbearable.  Make sure you are taking Venapro to help alleviate your hemorrhoid issues.



 Having plenty of fluids to drink on your hike is imperative.  If you do not drink enough water or other fluids you can quickly become dehydrated.  This can pose a number of problems and inhibit your ability to continue on your hike.  Always double the amount you think that you will need to be safe.


Disorientation can occur when you are out on a hike.  You can get turned around when switching trails etc.  Always be sure you have a compass on hand to make sure you do not get lost.  In addition, make sure you advise someone who is not going on the hike with you of your plans.  Be sure to include  your planned route, destination and if possible your timeline.


This will help to ensure a safe hike and that you will return unscathed.