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A Day at Zion National Park

We went to two national park’s for my honeymoon….one was the Grand Canyon, and the other was Zion National Park.

We had an amazing time, and I still can’t get over how breathtaking Zion National Park is.

We flew into Las Vegas, Nevada and picked up our rental car and we were off….

The drive to Zion National Park was beautiful on it’s own, but when you drive into the park, it is simply mesmerizing.

There are numerous little trails and day hikes that you can go on and we couldn’t have picked a better time of year.  We went in the beginning of March.  There were not very many people in the park and it was a tad chilly, but it felt great when hiking on the trails.

We stayed at an awesome hotel and spa….the name is Flanigan’s Inn….here is the link http://www.flanigans.com/

Such an amazing place to stay with unbelievable views when you wake up.  They have there own little trail up to an incredible meditation place.

The Zion Lodge is a fantastic place to get breakfast in the morning before starting out on your hike.

Easy Trails (3 miles or less):

Canyon Overlook, Emerald Pools, Grotto Trail, Kayenta Trail, Pa’Rus Trail, Riverside Walk, Watchman Trial, Weeking Rock

Moderate Trails (6.5 miles or less)

Pine Creek Waterfall, Sand Bench Loop, Taylor Creek Trails-South, Taylor Creek Trail-Middle Fork, Taylor Creek Trail-North

If you ever have the chance, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with Zion National Park.